Dreams Of Heights

by Jasna Ilic

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released January 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Drawn To Light
Drawn To Light
Life sets uncertain scene
Earthquake regular thing
Learn to balance the weight
Life is not just bad days
Take bad trusting there’s good
Learn to find light in you
Doing best way I could
What else is there to do?
Won’t take life’s bitter pills-
I do love to live
Gets sad but I still breathe-
Heart smiles away tears
There is hope in me still-
Have more smiles to bring
Not fine, but choose to feel-
I refuse to quit
Life is uncertain road
Hurricane comes and goes
Learn to find steady pace
Hope in challenging days
Darkness is not my way-
I am drawn to light
Night comes, I dream of day-
I still find my smiles
Not the end of this play-
Have more frowns to right
Sad times, but hope remains-
There’s magic in life
Track Name: But For Me
But For Me

Left with weakness of frail mind,
Memories locked inside,
Tormented drive
Remember what light feels like,
Try to find scattered smiles,
Lost in pool of byes
Is this end of my dreams?
Heart sinks in fears,
Smiles for all but for me,
I just feel tears,
Dark of joy not to be,
Hope can't be seen
Left in darkness with loose thoughts,
Memories of felt warmth,
Nights of tortured soul
Remember joy life once brought,
Try to find missing hope,
Stuck well of no more
Too frightened to stop dreams,
Heart battles fears,
Smiles to all,
Why not me,
I deny tears,
Dark is not way to be,
Hope is always near
Track Name: In Darkened Place
In darkened place

All my time spent in waiting
For what might never come
Wrong kingdom to run
Can’t be undone

Live day by day
Will heart heal slowly?
In darkened place
Too weak to glow it
Still live with ache

Please come and find me
I am not hiding
Can’t find my home
Try to be strong
Too scared alone

All my time spent in yearning
Don’t get-am not deserving
Warmth that I need
Not meant for me
Life not to be

All my time spent in praying
Not heard-am not persuasive
Life that I want
Best I forgot
Take what I’ve got

Live year by year
Heart does not heal
Try to find peace
Time to redeem
Don’t stray from me
Track Name: Just Heart
Just Heart

Light seems far
Fear in heart
Try to find courage to reach for stars
Learn to walk
After fall
Silent soul still in need of hope
Words just return
Next hit wall
Am I unheard
I can’t know
Look for love
Darkness stuns
Not in my nature to give up
Learn to smile
Through dull nights
Hope to keep soul surviving plight
Love keeps me here
Can hide-always near
Forgive all my tears
Just heart in need
Track Name: There Must Be Light
There Must Be Light

Too small to see,
Tiniest being,
Subsided scream,
Loss of belief,
Fed up with cries,
Just wonder why
Too dark to walk,
Engage in talks,
Sighs you won't know-
Vanishing hope,
Ocean of woe,
Drowned by own flaws
Life, what is life but constant challenge,
Lead my own fight which leaves me damaged,
There must be light,
Soul to be salvaged
Too weak to growl,
In silent bow,
Quiet and foul,
Hanging around,
Grieved with mean sound,
Joy not allowed
Track Name: Spirit

Out of my reach,
won't forget dreams-
hope till I can breathe.
Unfulfilled wish,
still part of me-
never one to quit.
As long as I live-
smile away my tears,
won't get crushed by fears,
I always love to be.
Give all that I can give-
smile away my grief.
Passion unseen,
still to be freed-
am not one who gives in.
Take all that life brings,
am thankful to be here,
I always love to live.
Track Name: And Then There Was You
And Then There Was You

I strayed from my own route
No clue what I should do
So little that I knew
And then there was you

No words to describe
Your light keeps me alive
Life’s magic by your side

Couldnt see my road
Had nowhere else to go
No answers anymore
And then found my soul

No words left to say
You shine in all my days
No dark can come my way

Scorned for not being same
battles in wrong name
Had just myself to blame
And then real cause came

No words can be enough
You salvaged drowning heart
Showed hope in days of dark
Track Name: Hidden From Self
Hidden From Self

Life lived with half a heart,
Glimpses of light too far,
Four walls-closing bars,
Getting cold with setting sun,
Life's not begun,
I need your love
Dream always alive,
Mist hidden in eyes,
One stifled sigh;
Wish of no end,
Need hidden from self,
Words never said-
Miss our times,
Long for life
Empty space,just your place,
Scary days,missing air,
Lonesome play,weary way-
Don't lose faith
Lucky to have us,
Blessed to take the chance,
Gift of one true love,
Happy to have felt joy for finding sense,
Gift of soul's rest
Not willing to leave my eternal dream,
Craving unseen,memories still heal;
Same one to want forever and more,
Yearning not shown,healer of soul,
Don't want you to go.
Track Name: One And Only
One And Only

Silent life spent in shade,
Time gone by,
Lost charade,
Starless nights,
Dreams of light .

I was so lonely,
Wish one and only-
Let own heart speak
To who can hear.

Voice hushed,
Never loud enough,
Quiet in search of the one
Who can feel me,
Free my dreams .

Spent too long
Just wondering if you exist,
Life made me forget
How much you were missed,
Dreams pushed away,
Lost in the maze of grey .

One day my whole life changed,
Allowed to light my ways,
Found kindred soul,
New hope.

Smiles light eyes
By your side,
Life is kind
To let me find real light.
Track Name: Lost No More
Lost No More
Careless world,
Used to hurt,
Stuck on lonesome road,
I was lost.
No kind words,
Cries unheard,
Facing fiercest storm,
Hope long gone.
Did not think I could get healed,
Scars of heart buried too deep,
I lost belief.
Day by day,
Dream away,
Getting by,
Harsh real life.
Want to see
More to it,
Really live,
Can it be?
Then I found love,
Made soul light up,
You saved my heart.
Careless world,
Not just hurt,
Not alone anymore,
I'm not lost.
Your kind words,
Cries you heard,
Not afraid of storm,
You're my hope.
Track Name: Grace, written and performed with Kevin Arnold
Love that we have found
Hope for greater sound
Nothing scares me now;
Always around
Parting’s never nice
Worth to pay the price
Dark’s weaker than light
Love will never die
Complete just in your arms
Real smiles that heal my heart
All yours, life is just fine
Joyful in your embrace
Wonder of true felt grace
All mine, life is just great
Blessed for time we share
Flame that’s always there
Nothing I won’t dare,
Safe heart in your care
Great things come with pain
Would still do the same
For our glory days
Love just never fades
Track Name: Light Of My Heart
Light Of My Heart

When overwhelmed with fear
Heart frets for all it holds dear
When courage is distant dream
And I stand facing defeat
I see your face-brings me peace

My second half
Glow in the dark
Never apart
Light of my heart

When darkness increases doubt
All roads closed with no way out
When joy’s not to be allowed
And song turns to hollow sound
I see your smile-meaning found

When I forget who I am
You’re there to find me again
When I fight my dark regrets
It’s you who show me true sense
Love’s always there