Heart Unattended

by Jasna Ilic

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released January 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Best Of My Life
Best Of My life
I still smile,
Give u smiles,
Give u light
From my eyes,
Yet behind every smile
Sadness hides,
It just hides,
Constant plight,
I still smile,
Really smile.
I don’t cry,
I am fine,
Getting by,
Wait for night,
My own time,
I’m not right
Not to fight,
I can’t fight,
I just cry,
Oh, I cry.
Sadness tires,
I still share smiles,
Never a lie,
You get best of my life.
I’m still warm,
Spread my warmth,
Give u glow
Of my soul,
Yet behind the closed door
Sorrow shows,
It just shows,
No control,
I seek warmth,
Scared of cold.
I’m not sore,
Heart is strong,
Conquers all,
Till left alone,
On my own,
I’m plain wrong,
Don’t belong,
Can’t belong,
I’m just sore,
Deeply sore
Track Name: Soul Remembers All
Soul Remembers All

Human bound to fall
Rise above same flow
Walking same first steps
Easy to forget
What is gone is gone
Except in the soul
Soul remembers all love shown
Night finds heart alone
Where’s light you turn on
Own fight and own gone war
Same uncertain way
Rise above mundane
Walking well known road
Easy to let go
What is done, stays done
Still heart seeks own sun
Vaguely recollects first love
No hiding from night
Never planned to lose light
Here if I could just open eyes
Track Name: Faulty Heart
Faulty Heart

Got ticket for wrong ride
Life left on other side
Light hurts-so I just hide
Hard to survive
Too late to face change
Fixed in my own cage
Living in wrong age
Locked, cold, estranged
Train boarded on the wrong lane
Life left with second plane
Sun hurts-stay in the rain
Getting through days
No time for new start
Stuck behind own bars
Living with faulty heart
Failed dreams of stars
No wings for reaching heights
Catching that one missed flight
Wrong life that is called right
Hard to get by
Track Name: Fear
Fear of lost soul
Heart that’s grown cold
Smiling no more
Sealed all doors
Fear of new lies
Heart pushed aside
Smiles crushed by tide
Vanished pride
Fear of growing cold
With no one to know
Past the saving spot
Can’t rise after fall
Fear of darkest thoughts
Shivers before dawn
Scared of what’s to come
What have I become
Past the saving point
Not been given choice
Scared of things to be
One gets what one gives
Won’t you save me
I’m still praying
My way not seen
Keep faith in me
Track Name: What Can I Do?
What Can I Do?

Dark frightens soul
I can’t find strength to carry on
About to break-all courage gone
What can I do?
Spend endless nights crying for you
Still your pain I can’t soothe
Sealed doors of steal
Give my best try-they’re locked for me
I’m here, still here, don’t want to leave
Can’t give you light
The will, the drive to try to fight
My heart is here, by your side
Don’t be afraid
I’d give my all to ease your pain
If only you could find your way
Please don’t give up
Life’s not just dark
Hope lies in love
There’s still lot to live for
Not always dark
Must see the good that lies in heart
Please do not break, find hope in love
Track Name: Wrong Way To End
Wrong Way To End

Wish life was kind
Can’t make it right
I know you’re tired
You have to find
Suffering mind
Where do we find
Your light?

Dark falls, don’t go
I know your sorrow
Heart sore, not lost
Hope for tomorrow
No sense, not fair
It’s wrong way to end

Want you to live
Where is your will?
I feel your grief
Can your heart heal?
Misplaced belief
Why can’t you wish
To be?
Track Name: Alone

I've had better nights,
Dreams of peaceful mind,
My nights turned to fright,
No sleep comes to eyes

Sleep no more,
Faith gone,

Left alone to deal with own misdeeds,
Please help me,
Despairing soul no one needs

No more,
All gone,

Human cast aside,
Struggling with wrong mind
Still here,hear me,
Still feel,won't heal
Left alone to deal with hurt I caused,
Raging war only my soul knows
Track Name: You Never Really Hear Me
You Never Really Hear Me

Sleepless, helpless, hopeless
Heart lost in sorrow
Drowning soul in sorrow
Fear of tomorrow
Hear me
You never really hear me
Why won’t you really?
Dreams fade with heart shattered
Nights spent in despair
Has it ever mattered?
I’m getting nowhere
Help me
You never really help me
Why won’t you really?
Hear me-voice is getting weak
I will just not speak
I am losing will
If you can’t, no one will
Silent, frightened, pointless
Spark lost in mourning
Weeping soul in coldness
Don’t trust in mornings
Heal me
You do not wish to heal me
Why won’t you really?
Tears buried in pretense
Heart does not see hope
Will life ever make sense?
Won’t move, all roads closed
Feel me I really need to believe
Why can’t I really?
Track Name: For How Long?
For How Long?

Play,but there's no one who can hear me,
Sing,but there's no one who can feel me,
Cry for someone who will wipe my tears,
Heart beyond any chance to get fixed.

Why am I wrong?
Do not know,
Fading soul,
For how long?

Scared,but there's no one who lights my way,
Pain just keeps getting harder each day,
There's only so much one heart can take,
I'm trying really hard not to break.
Track Name: Powerless

Life out of my hands,
Tears that have no end,
I can't make you well
Watch you helpless,
Drowned in sadness

Love with all my being,
Powerless to heal,
You're out of my reach,
Please live for me

Life turned out wrong,
How to be strong,
Where to find hope,
Strength to go on,
Dark covers all,
Please give me hope

Life out of hands ,
Too quick to end,
Please please get well
Track Name: Remember Me
Remember Me

Fear so hard to fight,
Overwhelming night,
Struggling to do right,
Can not get to light.

I have no sleep,
Stopped hopeful dreams,
They’re not for me.

Eyes open wide,
Heart weak and tired,
Faith bound to die.

Living in denial,
Am I still your child?
I failed in all my trial,
But I still try.

Seek trust with heart sealed,
Have fair share of tears,
Don’t speak for you won't hear,
Why don't you feel me, please?

Remember me
I want to dream,
Why can't it be?
Track Name: Waiting For Light
Waiting For Light

Knew so little of true life’s smiles
Not seen, used to just getting by
Hidden from all, waiting for light
Just half alive

Found new beat when you took my hand
Seen or not, heart found its homeland
Simple things, magic in time shared
Can’t ever end

Wish I could make life right
Not much use in my cries
Pray for life to be kind
Who ever’s by your side
Love never dies

Life just started when you walked in
Clear and bright and never lonely
Hope that’s forever part of me
New found belief

All the light that you kindly gave
Guided me through my darkest days
May it shield you from all the pain
Never away