Keep Soul Alive

by Jasna Ilic

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released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Welcome To Life
Welcome To Life

Another day
New face, new play
Same silly game
Different way
New role to take
Nothing to say
Who leaves, who stays
Who takes the blame?
It ends the same

Welcome to my life
Trust gone when left behind
Let in, then see out
Who counts?

Another try
New words, new fight
Same aching time
Different sight
New hurt in sighs
Nothing to right
Who’s to decide
Who passes by
Who’s left with cries?

Welcome to life
Trust left behind
Building new lines
Never around
See strangers out
Those who stay are ones who count
Track Name: Take Me For Me
I’m not a play to be directed
Film in which you set the scene
My heart simply won’t be corrected
Try what you will, I am always me

You can’t shape me, hurt not to be seen
Soul is grieved, why can’t you feel
You won’t change me, let me be
Take you for who you are, take me for me

I’m not blank paper to be written
Or piece of wood you can carve
I’m harmless, but if I get bitten
Heart gets locked within own bars

I’m not a doll that you dress for fun
Song for which you get to choose chords
Heart’s not the company you can run
Try what you will, my soul is not yours
Track Name: Not An Empty Shell
Not An Empty Shell

Ghosts of past never vanish or sleep
Same outcast that I always have been
Half closed eyes never get you to see
My true fight and light that I still seek
You don’t feel

You only see the shell
You never knew me well
Surface is where you dwell
And where all your thoughts end
I am much more
Have fragile soul
Hurt and ignored
Face fears alone
You don’t know

Ghosts of past destroyed old ties
Same outcast struggling through life
Your locked heart cannot feel mine
Lone star’s flight
Not right
Track Name: Kindest Wish
Kindest Wish

Don't wait for me
Have my own speed
Way to live

Walk my own pace
Not part of race
Look for own place

I am me, only me, nothing more
Take or leave, I'll live like I did before
Kindest wish and goodbye for ones who go

I never mean harm
Go with warm regards
Can't have spiteful heart
Be well but stay far
Once hurt is enough

Lead your own life
Have peaceful mind
So will I
I'll go own way
Look for good days
Stay away
Track Name: Keep Soul Alive
Thoughts that stun the mind,
One heart left behind,
Try hard to find
Purpose of time,
Keep soul alive,

Drive and will to go on,
Light one sees, one can't know,
Not lost

Fear of road unknown,
Strength to deal with storm,
Try to follow meaningful goal,
Selfless soul,
Not alone

True will and drive guided by smiles,
Not scared of night,
Flame still in eyes,
Love life

Live life,
Struggle but survive,
Challenge to do right,
Find light
Track Name: Show Me featuring Kevin Arnold
Show Me

Should be fun
But I don't feel amused
Way life works-
Seems so hard to get used
Things do change
But I don't think I move
Fighting rage
For misunderstood rules

Here, why don't you see me?
Really can't stand more grief
Here-with fading spirit
Show me there is hope still

Life is joke,
But find it hard to laugh
Way it goes,
I don't seem used enough
Things do shift,
But somehow I got stuck
Helpless smile
For never changing luck
Track Name: Soul Exposed
Soul Exposed

Own road's the one to achieve,
Own map to where I should be,
My life is not your copy

Knock but nobody's there,
Look for the ones who care,
Undying search for flare

My heart is real,
Follows own dreams,
Soul exposed,
Not your show,
Need to let go,
Find my own flow

Own way's the way to go,
Map only my heart knows,
My soul's not yours to own

Pray to be understood,
I will never be you,
Undying search for good

My heart is real,
Follows own dreams,
Let your eyes see
My way to be,
Soul needs to feel,
Love me as me
Track Name: Strike Of Troubled Mind
Strike Of Troubled Mind

Don’t know how to deal with demons on my own
Getting dark- all traces of light have long gone
Once was good, was not enough to ease the fall
No control

Looking at life from wrong angle
Weaving web to be untangled
Dusty roads- too hard a challenge

Tell me how to handle strike of troubled mind
Nights too long- light impossible to find
Once was strong, needed more to survive
Getting by

Looking at life upside down
Dream of smiles beating frowns
Awkward effort to be sound

Looking at life all confused
Bewildering point of view
Skills for living out of use
Track Name: Unsteady Ground
Words broken
Stuck between lines
Quiet soul
Unheard call
What is my life?

Hard to sort out
Unsteady ground
Road still not found

By thunder
No urge to fight
Silent heart
Remains calm
Where is my life?

Try to sort out
Balance the ground
Road must be found
Track Name: Not Right, Not Yours
Life’s my own
You don’t need to know
I am trying, crying, smiling
My life, not yours

You can’t blame
Not the ones who face
My own seasons, treason, reasons
Don’t know my days

My life, not yours
Can’t judge, can’t feel my soul
My life, live yours
Why look behind closed doors
Fault’s seen fast when you do not notice your own

Life I live
No one lives for me
I am shaking, aching, breaking
Finding own feet

You can’t frown,
Not the ones around
When I face fall, give all, stand tall
No right to control
Track Name: One Heart I'll Always Miss
One Heart I’ll Always Miss

Life tends to go on,
Months since you've been gone,
No one cares to know,
Fears dealt with alone

One heart I’ll always miss,
No one to share it with,
One kind word that I'll never hear,
Harsh cold world which took you from me

Life you won't get to see,
Love I can't make you feel,
One more smile to lift my spirit,
I am not entitled to it

Do my best to be strong,
Fight battles semi lost,
Live my own truth for you
Track Name: Win With Love
My nature’s not to fight
Prefer to win with smiles
How hard is to be kind?
Won’t remind you to call
Want you to feel my soul
Without my raise of tone

Indifference makes heart ache
Be careful not to break
Heart can’t change for your sake
Harder to give than take-
Can’t play your games

My nature’s not to shout
Prefer to win without
How hard not to be loud?
Won’t remind you to care
Want you to see I’m there
With gentle look, not glare

Indifference makes heart ache
Be careful not to break
Heart can’t change for your sake
Harder to give than take-
End stays the same

My nature is not rough
Prefer to win with love
Why is that not enough?
Won’t remind you to wish
To love me as real me
Not here to judge my dreams