Life Reflection

by Jasna Ilic

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released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Gets No Rest
Gets No Rest

Soul gets no rest,
Faith put to test,
I try my best.

Back to life spent in shade,
Heart bears constant ache-
Stronger for the pain.

Light seen once keeps the beat,
Memories of heat-
Nothing's way it seems.

Soul gets no rest,
Faith put to test,
I try my best.

Nights accompanied with tears,
Comfort’s out of reach,
Learning from its grief.

Hope felt once gives the will,
Could have been true me;
Nothing's way it seems.
Track Name: Not Deserving
Not Deserving

Unanswered questions,
Unclear directions,
My next steps taken
With own faith shaken,
Silenced by tears,
Driven by fears
Of lost belief.

Heart forgetting goodness once in me
And all my words have lost their meaning,
Cry in vain searching for healing,
You will not hear.

Do I deserve love?
Too late to ask,
Did too much harm
Fighting with dark,
World out of touch,
Suffer too much,
I really need love.

Song sung in wrong key,
No one to lead me,
Soul singing its grief,
With heart relieved,
Nightmares stop sleep,
Salvaged by dreams
Of found belief.
Track Name: Right Of Left
Right Of Left

Where to go,
Do not know,
Lost my road,
Take me home,
Frightened soul
Sees no more.

Left or right,
Where’s the sign,?
Blurry eyed…
Don't see my route,
I just won't move
Circling around,
End up same ground,
Come and get me
Where you left me .

Abandoned soul,
Walk on my own,
Please get me out,
I'm not brave now .
Night will fall soon
Fear of no moon .

Where to go,
Do not know,
Lost my road,
Please take me home,
Frightened soul
Shines no more.

Right or left
I can't tell
Heart's not well.
Track Name: No Reply
No Reply

Smile once felt,
Words once meant,
Light once let-don't forget.
Time borrowed
From sorrow,
Deepest wish

Memories still alive,
Unforgiven mind,
Soul in search of shine,
Heart sentenced to hide-no reply.
Back to same old cries,
Pale diminished tries,
Soul in fading light,
Heart that's just not right-no reply.

Not heard,
No words,
Still hurt;
Not seen,
Wrong scene,
Still grieved.

Moments of belief,
Peace never achieved,
Dream of not to be,
Not allowed to heal-no relief.

Back to same old tears,
Frail unnoticed plead,
Dream not made for me,
Heart just never heals-no relief.
Smile once felt,
Words once meant,
Light once let-don't forget.
Time borrowed
From sorrow,
Deepest wish
Track Name: Once You Hurt
Once You Hurt

Once you hurt, the damage has been done
Missing words, pain lingers in my heart

Hurts to be forgotten
Friendship turning rotten
I don’t need your excuse
Feel that I have just been used

Once you hurt, the damage still remains
Useless words, trusted you not to cause pain

We have never really been friends
Bad trust in you was bound to end
Hurt, but wish you well

Wrong to give you my complete trust
Time goes by, heart remembers past
Do hope that your soul is safe from scars

Once you hurt, you hurt for good
Life goes on without you
Track Name: My Tears, My Joy
My Tears, My Joy

I know burden of my soul
Give my all, it’s not your call
Live my life, let you live yours
Go your way away
You do not know my days

My tears, my joy, my true love
Who gave you the right to judge?
My fall, your fall, our faults
It’s not our court

Loss and new try
Who knows wrong from right?
Life’s constant fight
Who am I to know why?

I know flaws of my heart well
Do my best, wrong tale to tell
Mean no harm, live your own life
Not mine
Track Name: Show Me Kindness
Show Me Kindness

Help me be true,
heart defies all rules,
let me feel you

Please do not give up on me yet,
may be misled but I never forget
soul needs guidance

Please do not dismiss me just yet,
thankful much more than I can express,
show me kindness

Got lost on my road,
hard to tell right from wrong,
how to be strong

Darkest before dawn,
signs that I do not know,
where should I go?

Help me lead life,
small to keep head high,
show me new heights.

Want to do right,
stumble but still try,
let me feel light.

Got lost on my way,
what turning do I take,
how not to break;

Dark before new day,
games I don't want to play,
restore my faith.

Help me belong,
love defies all laws,
let me feel hope.
Track Name: Vague Nights
Vague Nights

Nights filled with sighs,
I miss your smile,
Leading half life

Nights of no end,
Cold searching hands,
Dreams come unplanned

Alone in dark,
Longing in heart,
Memories of stars

So afraid,
Feel all but brave,
Future’s vague

Nights of goodbyes,
I miss your eyes,
Stuck in half life

Nights seem to last,
Dreams fading fast,
But dream I must

At night, alone,
Yearning in soul,
Still sing own song

Not afraid,
You make me brave,
Life can be great
Track Name: Heart Always Dreams
Heart Always Dreams

Night does not wait,
forgot to pray,
hope out of way,
silence remains

Eyes do not see,
hands can not reach,
heart always feels unfulfilled need

All things I miss,
just half exist-
how to believe,
pretend to live
I have no key,
gate locked for me,
stand with own fear
of what's not to be

Lost in the fog,
signs off the road,
just want to stop-
where do I go?
Mistaken turn,
late to return,
lights quickly burn

How do I find my track,
please light my steps,
soul drowning in regret,
do not forget

Night always comes,
memories of love,
hope to find sun,
heart won''t give up
Eyes try to see,
hands dare to reach,
heart always dreams
of fulfilled wish
Track Name: Bright For One Day featuring Kevin Arnold
Bright For One Day

Stolen joy that lifts my heart
One day out of dark
Don’t want to part
Broken pieces healed with touch
Get little, yet much
Never apart

Heart knows where home is
Found its missing piece
My true and deepest wish

Beaming smiles that light my face
World’s right in your embrace
Don’t go away
Shining soul bright for one day
Get little, please stay;
Never away
Alive for just one moment
Heart never forgets
Don’t want an end
Life’s fine; not scared of darkness
My sense in senseless
You never end
Don’t give up on us
There’s still hope to trust
Don’t give up on love
We’ll find ways to be us

Half life you helped me get by
Found will to survive
Don’t want more byes
Real life you showed through your eyes
Stopped my hopeless cries;
Never goodbye
Track Name: One Wish
One Wish

How not to wish
How not to dream
Dream’s not to be
Never for me

One wish I’m not allowed to have
Forever’s hidden from my sight
One wish I never shall forget
Will not come true,
Try what I might, try what I might

One dream I should not dream
Will not be more than scret sigh
One dream I simply can not leave
Won’t become real
Try what you might, try what you might

How not to wish
How not to dream
Dream’s not to be
Never for me

One thing I mustn’t want
Was never destined to be mine
One thing that’s wanted most of all
Won’t come to me
Try what I might, try what I might

Illusion I can never touch
Will not be more than locked desire
Illusion that feels real to heart
Won’t come to life
Try what we might, try what we might

One wish that bears no hope
One wish I dare not say
Stays unfulfilled and tears my soul
Leaves it black
Till end of my days, end of my days
Track Name: I Keep Right
I Keep Right

What are dreams?
Stars to reach,
Ones you wish,
Not for me

Different dreams,
What I feel,
You can't feel,
You’re not me

My own heart,
What makes it start?
Or tears apart,
My own heart,
None can grasp

I keep right to feel my own way,
You feel yours, I’m not born to judge,
Different outlook, different roles played,
Equal rights to choose what moves us

My own soul,
What makes it glow?
Or makes sore,
My own soul,
None can know

My own hope,
Shine to show,
Cross unknown,
My own hope,
Not as yours