Living Through Me

by Jasna Ilic

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released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Living Through Me
Living Through Me

Years without your love,
Still keep you in heart;
Tears grown in silence,
Still miss your guidance.

Love for you still breathes,
You're always here living through me;
Though out of reach,
Love does not cease.

Love I failed to show,
Can't show anymore;
With heart still sore,
I miss you so.

All moments that we shared,
Best times I ever had,
You made me who I am.

My love will never fade,
Dear memories you made,
Thank you for warmth you gave.
Track Name: Withering Star featuring Telefan
Withering Star
Weak and lost
Acting strong
Light that’s gone
Breaks my soul
Can’t see hope
End of road
Treacherous life
Ruin of the kind
Still by your side
Will no more
Mind ignored
Can not cope
On its own
Why is love
Not enough?
All my heart
Battling dark
Have my love
Don’t give up
Sentence too hard
One step too far
Withering star
Track Name: Neglected One
Neglected One

Though I was not enough,
You always had my undivided love
With all my heart.

I failed to show love-
Neglected one,
I'm sorry,
Wish I could have shown my heart.

Not important,
Rejected part,
Want you to know
You’re not alone,
Please don't be sore,
I love you so,
Can’t make pain go.

Wish life treats you kinder,
I watch you fade,
There’s nothing I can try
To stop your cries.

Can't make you feel right,
Nothing to fight,
So sorry,
Wish I could have been your light.
Track Name: Powerless

Life out of my hands,
Tears that have no end,
I can't make you well
Watch you helpless,
Drowned in sadness

Love with all my being,
Powerless to heal,
You're out of my reach,
Please live for me

Life turned out wrong,
How to be strong,
Where to find hope,
Strength to go on,
Dark covers all,
Please give me hope

Life out of hands ,
Too quick to end,
Please please get well
Track Name: What Can I Do?
What Can I Do?

Dark frightens soul
I can’t find strength to carry on
About to break-all courage gone
What can I do?
Spend endless nights crying for you
Still your pain I can’t soothe
Sealed doors of steal
Give my best try-they’re locked for me
I’m here, still here, don’t want to leave
Can’t give you light
The will, the drive to try to fight
My heart is here, by your side
Don’t be afraid
I’d give my all to ease your pain
If only you could find your way
Please don’t give up
Life’s not just dark
Hope lies in love
There’s still lot to live for
Not always dark
Must see the good that lies in heart
Please do not break, find hope in love
Track Name: I Know Your Pain
I Know Your Pain

Heart fights battle with loss
Life not as it once was
Dealing with life’s twists and turns
Trip that has no return
Miss you so
Light’s not gone

Watch life fading and there’s nothing to do
Love can’t die but not enough to save you
Soul still dreams of kinder days to find you

I know your pain
Light far away
Stuck in long night
No will to fight
You’re not alone
Please find hope

Heart feels there’s no real loss
Life shines as it once was
Love beats life’s twists and turns
Your flame will always burn
Track Name: Be Strong
Be strong
You are not alone
I know you’re frightened
Love can still brighten
Darkest night

Do not give in
I am still here
Feel hope from me
I’ll be your strength
It’s not the end

Do not lose hope
Love that we’ve grown
Can beat the dark
And heal your heart

Be strong
Light’s not off too long
I know you’re weary
Love can still relieve
Hardest tears
Track Name: Lost In Time
Lost In Time

Slip away from my fingers,
Slow motion, you just linger-
Trapped in darkness of own mind,
Hope you manage to find light.

I can not be your will,
You need to choose to live,
Wish I could help you heal,
My dear.

Reach for you, no strength in arms,
Lost in time, you're so distant,
Stuck with regrets of own heart,
Hope you know how loved you are.
Track Name: Wrong Way To End featuring Telefan
Wrong Way To End

Wish life was kind
Can’t make it right
I know you’re tired
You have to find
Suffering mind
Where do we find
Your light?

Dark falls, don’t go
I know your sorrow
Heart sore, not lost
Hope for tomorrow
No sense, not fair
It’s wrong way to end

Want you to live
Where is your will?
I feel your grief
Can your heart heal?
Misplaced belief
Why can’t you wish
To be?
Track Name: New Dawn
New Dawn

Gloomy days,
Facing pain,
Life has beauty in it
That I still need to see.

Fragile place,
Heart feels frail,
Life brings new life and hope,
I still learn to be strong.

Sadness stifles,
Try to find smiles,
Lost trace of light,
Hard to feel bright.

Ache for life fighting end,
How can I make heart mend?
Nothing can make amends,
New dawn shows there's no real end.

Gloomy days,
Facing pain,
Life has beauty in it
That I still need to see,
Hidden relief.

Fragile place,
Heart feels frail,
Life brings new life and hope,
I still learn to be strong,
Sing hopeful songs.

There's so much love,
We can't really part,
Hope shines with new start.
Track Name: Constant Glow
Constant Glow

So little time
Remains of life
Weakening light

Miss the way you have been
Just traces of old beam
You shine same as before for me

Ran out of time
I still see life
Shy spark in night
Retaining light
You always shine

You’re still the same as before
Your heart’s stronger than you know
Your light can not be gone

Such precious times
Evade our eyes
There is new life
New hope to find
You always shine

Trying to be strong
Life you gave goes on
Constant glow
Of your soul

Such precious time
Part of my life
Love never dies
Track Name: Find Peace
Find Peace

Heartache lasts for you can't heal,
Wish that I could wipe your tears,
I feel your grief,
Life slips from me,
Find peace, love's here.

Do not see why-linger from light,
Sentenced to cry just half alive,
Your own trial, twilight of mind,
Fast falling night love can not fight
Not right, can't find your light.

I know you're stuck in dark,
Noone to save your heart,
Have faith, life's not just pain,
Find way through days of grey.

Constant heartache watching you fade,
Punished to break, wither in shade,
Drown in torment not allowed rest,
Lost in own mess, cruel way to end.

Heart prays,
Find grace,
Kind place.
Track Name: Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight

Goodnight, my dearest one,
Goodnight, go gently with my love,
May light be bestowed upon your face,
Hope you reside in better place.

Sleep well, forget your cries,
Sleep well, you're part of new life,
May pain be erased from your heart,
Hope you find shelter from the dark.

Sleep tight, close your tired eyes,
Sleep tight, you've grown weary with sighs,
I love you now and for all times,
Pray you are touched by celestial light

Farewell, it's not the end,
Farewell, go get well deserved rest,
May grace be shining through your soul,
Pray you find peace wherever you go.
Track Name: Priceless Bond
Priceless Bond

Days go by, you are gone
Moments shared can be no more
Love keeps you safe in my soul

Such a short time that we get to share
Once we’re here, to soon it has to end
Smile for time that we were blessed to have

Days go by, you are missed
Grieve for you , life spent in mist
Love is here, always will be

Days go by, life goes on
Moments shared, priceless bond
Love keeps you sound in my soul

Days go by, won’t forget
Pray for you to find rest
In my heart you never end
Track Name: Safe In My Heart
Safe In My Heart

You’re out of my reach
Presence I can’t see
But my heart still feels

Rare gift of free tears
Weak signs of belief
You’re where you should be

Learning to let go
You’re on your own road
Keep love in your soul

You keep living safe in my heart
Can’t be here but love’s never far
Carry on with new life which starts

On different journey
In search of Mercy
Pray for your relief

Each has its own time
Life tends to go by
New hope shows new light
Life’s way to have fun
Dark comes, so does the Sun
You’ll always go on through love

Tucked in safe in my heart
Not here, but love’s never far
May grace fill new start