Love Inspires

by Jasna Ilic

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released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Colour The Grey
Poor life tangled in lies
Give me strength to survive
Teach me how to be kind
To the ones by my side
Show me how to do right

Time to confess- heart is not well
Do not reject soul in distress
I need your help with sorting out the mess

Poor life spent causing hurt
Show me which way to turn
Teach me, I wish to learn
To be light to the stern
Colour the grey
Greet better days
Mind tends to stray
Please make me brave

Heart still needs time
Bring peace of mind
New hope, new tries
Please be my guide
Track Name: Life Is Gift
Distance and hurt
More heated words
Life spent with hatred-

Heart that goes black
Arguments blank
Life spent in madness-

Where’s joy in pain
Bitter and vain
Refuse to rejoice-
Fool’s choice

Life is gift
Taken amiss
Wither or glow
Only your call
Rewarding times
In sharing smiles
Be kind

No one gains
Spreading pain
Not late to try
Raise smiles

Empty place
All chased away
You can still find
Calm mind

No one wants
Lonesome walls
Not late to show
Warm soul
Track Name: Fit To Be Ignored
I do not fit to standards that you set,
Not what you expect,
Copy of yourself,
My heart is different,
Love me as I am.

Just me, let me be,
You can’t see, can’t feel.

I don’t do scenes you think you made me for,
Fit to be ignored,
I’m not your mirror,
I have my own soul,
Love me, not my role.

Just me, so hard to see,
Let me be one who frees own dreams.
Just me, your heart can’t see,
Let me feel own wish, own dream.
Track Name: My Life
The kindest heart I know
Light keeper of my soul
Blessed more than words can show
Our love will always grow

Our newfound trust
In love to last
In dark and in light
Bond which can not die
Belong in your arms
We’re never apart
Yours now and for good
Found soulmate in you
Soul’s thankful

The warmest heart I felt
One never to forget
Love more than I express
Our love is my soul’s rest
The source of my strength

Hope and newfound trust
Constant part of us
Our shelter forever
Bond stronger with time
Love that does not die
We’ll survive together

Hearts always tied
Fears crushed with smiles
Light in your eyes
Makes me alive
You’re my life

Hope and unexpected trust
I’ll never give up on us
Will always hang on to love
Keep it tucked safe in my heart

The brightest star for me
The one to ease my tears
My drive and will to live
Our love is always here
Believe in dreams
Track Name: Never Away
Are we suffering from sealed fate?
Can really be late
Is future locked gate
Where’s light of day?

Did we miss out on one chance?
Is this our last dance?
Where’s hope for us
Time can’t beat our love

Please be well from me
Don’t lose belief
Be safe from grief

May your heart never face pain
We are never away
Heart is with you always
We’ll find the way

Scared to think of the loss
Love comes at dear cost
Future’s hard to know
Don’t ever go
Hold me close tonight
No fear of night
My sense of life
Track Name: Strength Of Love
Strength Of Love

Rising trust,
Part of us,
Hope we must,
Chance for love

Never thought I could be so lovingly complete,
Found one made just for me,
Soul finally fulfilled

Rising trust
Lies in us,
Hope we must,
Strength for love

Bond that can never die,
Blessed to manage to find,
Wonder of my whole life,
Proud to walk by your side
Track Name: Shelter From Dark
Shelter From Dark

Share all light from my heart
You’re my shelter from dark
Tear wiped is tear gone bright
Beaten twilight
Take my hand and hold me
Conquer all our worries
You and I are same team
Hearts all shiny

Life is great by your side
All light turned on inside
Fear no more when you’re here
Nothing feels so scary

Smiles comes easy with you
Feel alive and joyful
Smile shared is smile doubled
Beaten trouble

Take my love and warm me
Defeat all our worries
You and I perfect team
Soul all shiny
Track Name: Clear Heart featuring Kevin Arnold
Passion denied
Missing lines
Lonesome light

Feel much-only way to live life
Know love-one thing makes it worthwhile
Clear heart-never closed for true light

Passion disguised
Seeking lines
Bashful light

Feel much –one way I want to live
Know love-all I could ever wish
Clear heart-opened wide for real light

Passion released
Finding relief
For you and me
Track Name: Hope Reborn
Hope Reborn

Sleepless mind-
Peaceful just when love is by my side,
Future fright starts slowly to subside.

Soul not still-
Calm only when love is next to me,
Future fears all simply disappear.

I saw life just in your heart,
No other can take your part,
Most special glow of my days,
Tears shared-my soul feels less scared.

Restless nights-
Dreams are kind when love finds missing smiles,
Sound and bright-
Safe in arms of my light.

New found will,
Right way to be,
No other feels like you feel,
Most special shine,
My own thrill,
Hope reborn,
Life’s not scary.
Track Name: I've Been Found
I’ve Been Found

I know life-
I've faced black,
Blessed with light,
Getting by,
No dark makes me less bright.

I know fight,
I've done wrong,
I've tried right,
I'll be fine,
I take all for that's life.

Not giving up,
Still have enough love,
Enticed to live,
Still feels great to be here,
Always believe,
Enchanted by given gift.

I love life,
Grieved with cries,
Healed with smiles,
Here to try,
No tears can stop heart's flight.

I love life,
I've seen fall,
Learnt to fly,
I am fine,
I give all for that's life.

Not here to quit or to admit defeat,
Delighted to feel,
Still perfect to be here,
Always believe,
Thankful for all given gifts.

Great to live,
I've met grief,
I've felt thrill,
Want to feel.
No cold stops my feelings.

Still around,
Days of ups,
Nights of downs,
Magic ground,
I've got lost,
I've been found.
Track Name: Love Inspires
Love Inspires

New day, miracle of life,
Sunrise, heartbeat brings real smiles,
Alive, stronger for hard times,
Join me; let laughter be heart's delight

Light is in you,
Let it shine through,
You get to choose
Bright side of life,
Kind mind

New breath; true wonder and gift,
Hope lives; brings you close to me,
Still here; smiles are hard to beat,
Join me; let laughter be heart's relief

New glow; life I fear no more,
Sunshine; love inspires soul,
Stronger than before,
Let heart's light show
Track Name: Live featuring Kevin Arnold
Life is game
Plain game we get to play
Find your way
And make use of your days
You make fate
Give laughter away

Life is fun
Mere fun we get just once
Find your path
Your home under the sun
Map’s done
Let your heart find one

Live your life; don’t waste it with your grief
Here and now, you do not get repeat
Past be past, future is just a dream
So be sure to live
Really live

Life is joy
Real joy we get to join
Let’s rejoice,
We all were given choice
Today is all yours

Life is grace
True grace we should embrace
Find your place
Let smiles come to your face
And stay
No need for more pain

Life is bliss
All bliss you shouldn’t miss
Find your thrill
Build dreams with your own will
And live
Just be sure to live