More Than Meets The Eye

by Jasna Ilic

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released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Losing One featuring Kevin Arnold
Losing One

I’ve been losing ground
Why can’t I be found?
Real life’s not allowed
Don’t feel you’re around

Playing losing game
It hurts always the same
Weeping in your name
Still in need of faith

Let me not forget
Sun’s not always set
We all have regrets
Help me do what’s best
Let me bear in mind
I was once a child
Warm, loving and kind
Has kid in me died?

I don’t mean to harm
End up mean and scarred
Bruised by touching stars
Is there hope for us?

No desire to lie
End up black and vile
Ruined by reaching heights
Fallen, ask for guide

I’ve been losing sleep
Rest is not for me
Look for light unseen
Don’t dismiss me please

Stuck with losing cards
I try to keep own heart
Searching for light guard
Dream to find true part
Track Name: Not Enough featuring Kevin Arnold
Not Enough

You break my heart
Turn light to dark
You break my heart
And you don't even know it's done

It's not your fault
Can't read my soul
You give your all
And somehow it is not enough

You lose my smile
Turn it to cry
You lose my smile
And you don't ever wonder why

You're not to blame
Can't light my flame
Give all you may
And somehow it all ends in pain

How will I ever right my wrong?
And will I learn how to be strong
Will I be taught how to belong?
Can I still find my misplaced hope?

You crush my mind
Turn truth to lies
You crush my mind
And you don't see the mess I hide

The guilt is mine I lost my guide
You're by my side
And can't fill emptiness inside

You make me feel
I can't be me
You make me feel
Life's grey,
I'll never learn to live

It's only me
Love being in tears
Give what you give
But somehow it all ends with grief
Track Name: All Alone featuring Kevin Arnold
All Alone

I’m all alone
And home’s not home
When you are gone,
Life seems wrong

I'm on my own
And I feel lost
When you're not close
Night's too long

I cannot be happy without you
Till you came the sorrow’s all I knew
You have taught me meaning of real truth

Tremble with cold,
Heart ripped and torn
When I’m not yours,
Left to mourn

Not feeling whole,
Missed part of soul
When you don’t call,
Fight with woe
Track Name: Life Isn't What It Seems featuring Kevin Arnold
Life Isn’t What It Seems

Life isn't what it seems
Not who you hoped I'd be
All that you see
Wrong side of me
Wrong life to lead

Life's more than meets the eye
I fall but still I try
All tears I hide
Not yours to cry
Or push aside

I still have hope
Still things to show
You'll never know
Just let me grow
I need to go

Can't live up to your dreams
Not what you want of me
All that you feel
Just bitter steel
My warmth is real

I'm more than meets the eye
I hurt but still I smile
All pain inside
Am to survive
Without your trial
Track Name: Lost Valour
Lost Valour

I stand alone
The end of road
Queen without throne
Lost grace in things I’ve done wrong

I stand in fear
Life’s way it is
Fool locked in grief
Lost smiles trying not to be me

I stand; head down
Heart aches for soul it once found
Sorrow seems only allowed
No one’s around

I stand; closed eyes
Too many byes
Bird that can’t fly
Lost valour in all the lies

I stand in need
Wrong way to feel
In cage; cut wings
Spirit gone trying to be still

One step to fall
Heart bruised, still hollow and sore
Pain seems only thing I know
There’s nothing more
Track Name: Life Goes By featuring Kevin Arnold
Life Goes By

Life goes by,
I get by
Feel only right by your side,
Know how to smile

Mess inside,
Things to hide
You're my light that does not die
And always shines

All those years,
Silenced needs
Life's only real when you're near;
Nice place to be

Haunting fears,
You’re not here
Yet only one I dream to be next to me

Restless soul
Each day you are missed and you are needed more
Just your call I cannot resist but I have to ignore
Messed up heart
That tries to live while we're being apart
No new start
Must learn to live despite you being so far

Life goes on,
I go on
Feel really wrong when you're gone
I don't belong
Heart feels lost;
Nights are cold
You are soul that makes me whole
And always grows
Track Name: Hard To Believe featuring Kevin Arnold
Hard To Believe

Hushed raging soul
That's beyond my control
Don't want you gone
What way to fall

Dark hurting heart
When I'm not in your arms
We're miles apart
Too distant star

Hard to believe
You're not with me
Why did you leave?
Half live when you're not here

I just survive
Since our goodbye
Once was alive
Now fading fast inside

Torn bit by bit
Fallen back to same pit
My path's not lit
Face new defeat

Crushed piece by piece
Stumble to known abyss
Make up for sins
Don't get, just miss
Track Name: I Dream Of Your Eyes featuring Kevin Arnold
I Dream Of Your Eyes

I dream of your smile
I dream of your eyes
I dream of life
Right by your side

In this world of mine
I'm just getting by
And nothing is like I desired

I dream you are here
Much nearer than near
I dream to be
Living for real

Year after year
Used to silent tears
Just one thing's clear
I must not feel

I dream I can dream
Without being mean
I dream there can be
You and me

This life is just one
It's never enough
What's done is done
Far remains far

I dream I can dream
Life's brighter than seems
I dream I can heal
You and me

But we have one road
That we're bound to go
And dark we wore
Must be restored

I dream of your warmth
And flame in my soul
I dream there's more
Shine than I know

In world where I roam
My heart does not grow
And nothing there goes
Way I want

I dream you're my all
Much closer than close
I dream to go
Same route you chose

Years same as before
Can't take anymore
One thing I long for
Is deemed wrong
Track Name: Faith featuring Kevin Arnold

Have faith;
No time to lose hope
Our souls are not lost
Pain now grows
But it won't be long
Till it’s all gone

Live in shade;
I miss you
My life's not same
When you are gone
I just fade;
I need you
More every day
You're in my soul
We'll be fine
So just smile

No time for more tears
With hearts joined in dream
Grief feels real
With you not being near
You still heal me

Live and hide I want you
On downhill ride
When you're away
Slip and slide;
Can’t reach you
You're on my mind
And there you'll stay
Track Name: Let's Dream Together featuring Kevin Arnold
Let’s Dream Together

Let's dream together
Not here forever
Glad for all the time
We share

World seems much better
Since I found shelter
Not much matters
When you're there

Let's dream while we can
Who knows when we'll end?
Glad for each step
That we share

World seems to be bright
Since I found my light
One thing that's right
In my life

I've been living only half way
I've been dreaming,
All dreams were grey
Was pointless before you came
I'll never forget your flame

Let's colour our dreams
Who knows what will be
Glad for all years
You are near

World seems to bring sun
Since I found my half
Life's not dark
With special one
Track Name: Mess featuring Kevin Arnold

Feeling small
And ignored
I didn’t know
If I could be seen

Fighting storm on my own
Did not know
How real life truly feels

In the dark,
Empty arms
Faded dreams of joy
That cannot be

Light turned on,
Hope not gone
I still have sunshine in me

Do not fear,
Love to live
My light is always with me
Still have dreams,
Still believe
No loss,
I don’t admit my defeat

Feeling stunned,
Void of sun
I did not know
If I should be heard

All alone,
Dying song
Did not know
Life’s much more than just hurt

Locked inside
Own grey mind
Distant dreams
Of peace not meant for me
Track Name: Find Me
Find me

Show me which way I should go
So many things I don’t know
Too many
Where is my road
What is my goal?
Who’s in my soul?

Teach me how to face my life
So many secrets to hide
Too many
Where is my sky
What is my flight?
How not to cry

Find me, I do not feel found
Too heavy weight keeps me bound
So heavy
Where is high ground
What is my sound?
Who makes me sound?
Find me, I’m still around

Show me how to live life
Show me where lies my light
Show me how to beat night

Teach me to grow inside
Teach me not to be blind
Teach me how to reach heights

Find me and help me rise
Find me, I’m sick of cries
Find me-in need of guide
Find me…please, please find me

Show me if I can be shown
For my soul still looks for hope
Still looking
Show me my road
Goal to follow
Light up my soul

Teach me-I want to be taught
Your lead is all that I’ve got
Still searching
Pleading for sky
Own ray of light
Still out of sight

Find me for I’ve lost my Sun
Stopped life before it’s begun
No living
What’s to be done?
Where do I run?
Do you have love?
Find me-I’m still in dark
Track Name: One Real Dance
One Real Dance

There will be only one
One heart that fills my heart
No second try
Just one for life

One soul that warms my soul
The only one to know
No second go
Just one, no more

Only one soul, where I belong
Don’t need no more, found my true goal
Only one heart, only one love
Don’t need new face, found my home place

One for lifetime, one who frees smiles
Don’t need new ties, found my real light
One or no one, one who gives sun
Love above love, one breath to stun

My heart makes just one choice
One song it wants to join
No second chance
Just one real dance

One love that lasts for good
The only smile that’s true
No second dream
One meant to be