Soul Journal

by Jasna Ilic

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released December 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Jasna Ilic Belgrade, Serbia

Making music always meant following no other set of rules apart from the ones my heart decided to make.It took me to most unexpected places, it comforted me and helped me share a smile or two, for which I am deeply thankful. I like to think that, as some light shines in our darkest days there is hope even in the gloomiest of my songs.I create because I need to and long may it continue. ... more

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Track Name: Golden Cage
Golden Cage

Golden cage
Passing age
Does not change
Haunted by dreams of new place

Warmth of court
Too well known
Crown still on
I still have need for new dawn

Own maze
Wrong gate
Still waiting
Own rules
Still praying
So strange
Own maze
Closed gate
I’m waiting

Golden bars
Rays of sun
Wandering heart
Bewitched by search for freedom

Same kingdom
Same wild song
Chains still on
Still dreaming of fearless soul

Track Name: Challenging Days
Challenging Days

Challenging days,
Learn to be brave,
Questioning mind,
Leave fears behind,
Hard to be far,
Doubt fills my heart,
Be brave for both of us
Just need your hand,
You are my strength,
All I dream of,
I fear no more,
Life's not dark
With my love
Future's not written,
Take all I'm given,
Not sure where we go,
Not afraid anymore,
Hope for our lifetime,
So proud by your side
Challenging days,
Smile is my way,
Positive mind
Leave fears behind,
Hard to be true,
I try, I do,
I'm brave for you
Track Name: Brave Face featuring Kevin Arnold
Brave Face

Seen but not felt,
Hurt by contempt,
With soul ignored
By its own fault
Stick with own ways-
Reasons unknown,
Face constant pain-
Rarely shown,
Challenging days
That no one knows,
Put on brave face,
Nowhere to go
Singing same tune,
Not understood,
Stopped being true,
One proper fool,
Heart broke own rules,
Try to be good,
Wrong course heart took,
Life feels so cruel
Choice known to me,
Reasons unseen,
Deal with same grief only I feel,
There’s no redeem
For deserved guilt,
The way life is-
Still hope to live
Writing same song,
Not heard at all,
Just don't belong,
Keep my bad course,
Soul less than strong
Accepts own fall,
Stuck in one spot
Waiting for dawn
Track Name: Withering Star
Withering Star
Weak and lost
Acting strong
Light that’s gone
Breaks my soul
Can’t see hope
End of road
Treacherous life
Ruin of the kind
Still by your side
Will no more
Mind ignored
Can not cope
On its own
Why is love
Not enough?
All my heart
Battling dark
Have my love
Don’t give up
Sentence too hard
One step too far
Withering star
Track Name: Always Remember
Always Remember
If days turn rough,
Keep joyful heart,
Always remember love
And when darkness comes
And life feels harsh,
Then think of us
World that we built,
Growing slowly,
Unbroken link,
Just you and me
Easy to heal,
Smile with all my being
I've been stuck in own world,
I’ve been stuck with screams that no one heard
Fighting with constant hurt
Building own dark road of no return
Locked inside with no key,
Waiting for someone to rescue me
Then light got turned on,
Dark was no more,
All puzzles solved
Light that shines still,
Great just to be,
Magic to live
Not much matters,
We’re together,
Finally better,
Have own shelter,
Easy to heal,
Love with all my being
Track Name: Find Hope
Find Hope

Love will find the way
Shines through darkest days
We’ll always have us
Unconditioned love
Find hope in times we share
We feared we’d never have
Life’s more than days to bear
Love gives constant light
Shines through scary nights
Here for good
You are in my heart
Never dying love
Here for you
Find hope in warmth we feel
We feared can not be real
Life’s more than eyes can see
Track Name: Sat In Dark
Sat In Dark
Sat in dark wondering if you still care,
Weakened heart, don’t feel that you are there,
Really need help
Open eyes, dark scares me just the same,
Trace of light just memory quick to fade,
Can’t give up on faith
Don't have reply for questioning mind,
Life flies by, I walk heavy stride,
Soul got tired in need of guide
Sat alone with thoughts of feeble hope,
Strong no more, abandoned in the cold,
Really need warmth
Tears in eyes, no mercy comes from dark,
Distant light remains safe out of touch,
Can’t give up on love
Track Name: One Who Knows
One Who Knows

I was there,
Wondering why I don't matter,
No one cared,
Piece by piece heart got shattered,
Then you came,
Took all pieces, offered shelter
Here or not-same to world,
Tears or joy, no one hurt,
All ignored-way of the world
Scorching ground,
Wondering if I'm only one upside down,
Left alone playing own sound,
I got found-you took my hand,
Showed me way out
Here-it's not same to all,
Smiles or fears-one who knows
One true me-one feels my soul
I am here,
There is one who sees when I bleed,
Gets my need,
You are one who still makes me heal,
Stitch by stitch,
Life in me,
All sense of living,
One for me
Track Name: Wasted Days featuring Kevin Arnold
Wasted Days

Night-no one to call,
Hurt on my own,
Nowhere to go
Tears of guilt,
Years of grief,
Fears of need.

Wasted days,
Can I find who to trust?
Hurt and plagued,
Frightened, but live I must,
Live for hope that has turned into dust-
Lost and scarred;
Empty heart.

Night-thoughts I can't fight,
Late to do right,
Too long till light.

Wasted days,
Just learning to survive,
Tears in vain,
Afraid of days gone by
Live for wish-one wish
Remains denied.
Lost and scarred,
Empty heart.
Track Name: Out Of Touch
Out Of Touch

No more words
Cover hurt
Twist and turn
No return
Have no say
Lost own way
One wrong take
My mistake
Why bother
No water
Can decrease
Hunger I feel

Go with peace; leave me apart
Wish you well with all my heart

One night, same cries
Stopped asking why
Just next in line
Passing through life

Out of touch
Feel too much
Or not enough

One night, same tears
Unleashed wild dreams
Next not to be
Taming new fears

Speak no more
Hushed sorrow
Joy borrowed
Can't last long
No exit
Lost to bits
One wrong pick
My own miss
Live with need
One can't feed
No food stills
Thirst in me
Track Name: No Dark Rules
No Dark Rules

Do I still have your love?
Can you feel soulful spark?
Has good gone beyond hope?
I found life when hope went missing
Baffled child wanting to redeem
Feel my heart, never meant harm
Find forgiveness for fallen one
Need your kindness
Still in search of your warm guidance
Can you still show me how
To find peace, steady ground?
No dark rules over good
Track Name: Silent In Night
Silent In Night

Silent in night,
Heart has no rights,
All I have ever wished-
Never to be,
Why then to wish?

Lead futile fights,
Dreams out of sight,
All I have dared to dream,
Out of my reach,
Why do I dream?

I'm so tired of way life goes,
Cruelest lessons that I behold,
True survivor with damaged soul,
Hopeless learner with fragile hope

I'm so tired of dark life throws,
Of harsh lessons I have been taught,
Real survivor with stormy soul,
Darkest learner with lasting hope

Quiet by birth,
Don’t ask-not heard,
All I have ever wanted-
Just not to be,
Why then to feel?

Fights with few words,
All bridges burnt,
All I have dared to be,
Simply plain me-
I always feel

Long lost firm ground,
Weakened by frowns,
Strength hides in smiles
Still there in darkest times-
I always smile

Am still around,
Heart makes own sound,
Song to be allowed-
Can hope still be found?
Will I be found?
Track Name: Live And Be Well
Live And Be Well

Leading lives away from me
Too busy to care for me
How I am, how I will be
I’ve been better,
Does not matter
Can not find time for few lines
Time’s precious, do pass me by
Yes, I know, time just flies
Not your interest
Could not care less
I’m alive and I feel
Takes time for heart to heal
Thanks for not being here
Never near
Let me be
I do wish you well
Your hearts’ content
Joy that you dreamt
Live and be well
Leading life away from all
World that you ran away from
How I am, why should you know?
Wounded soul
Still ignored
No will to wait for your call
Dreams tire of false hope
Once bitten, just withdraw
To own mess
Can’t care less
I do wish you well
Your hearts’ content
Joy that you dreamt
Live and be well
Track Name: Disappointing One
Disappointing One

Not on same road,
Don’t go with flow,
There’s only one way
That I can go
Away from you,
Not good with rules,
Disobey all trying to be true

Not living up to what you expect,
Ignoring for you don't understand,
Don’t owe me, never learnt to respect

Few of a kind,
So hard to find,
Faced with scorn for
Having different mind
Simply left out,
Heart still in doubt,
Not needed,
Why would I be around?

Don't walk same road,
My flow's not yours,
My way is one way you will not know
Real far from you,
Denying rules,
Destroy all just wanting to be true

Not living up to your dreams of me,
Ignoring for you can not conceive,
Owe nothing-never learnt to be here
Track Name: Shine For Me
Shine for Me

Always choose best for you,
Love for good
Shining through,
If you leave,
Shine for me.

Always dream same for me,
My dream is not to be,
Hope your nights treat you kind.

Hope you get smiles,
Light in dark times,
Heat in cold days,
Calm in fierce place,
Hope for safe heart,
Shelter from harm.

Never want grievous soul,
Wish you all
You wish and more,
If you leave,
Smile for me.

I don't dream,
Not for real,
Life I lead
Stops the need,
Hope your life treats you kind.
Track Name: Heart Once Knows
Heart Once Knows
One more day spent too far
Forced away from own part
Soul feeds on joy long past
Have faith in love to last
Miss you so, light fading slowly
Heart once knows it wants you only
Show me hope, I fear I’m falling
One more night scaring soul
Facing fears on my own
Soul dreams of constant glow
Love we have always grows
Miss you so, light turned on slowly
Heart just knows it needs you only
Always hope, you’re never lonely